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What a Superstar?

SuperStar is a ball, which is removed from a separate drum with numbers from 1 to 90,

If it matches the SuperStar number, you are guaranteed to receive a prize. If you have already won the main draw, your prize will increase.

Tickets with the SuperStar option cost approximately 50% more expensive than usual. A separate prize fund is formed from the sale of such fields, which is distributed among the players in the following proportions:

Combination Increase the prize Average Prize
Superstar (further - S) € 5
S + 1 € 10
S + 2 € 100
S + 3 X 100 € 2700
S + 4 X 100 € 34 500
S + 5 X 25 € 1 060 694
S + 5 +Jolly + €1 000 000 € 1 574 051
S + 6 jackpot + € 2 000 000 € 79 733 584

In categories 0-2 the prizes are fixed, and in other combinations the amount will depend on the prize pool and the number of winners. main numbers.

How foreigners can play the SuperEnalotto lottery? How Italian non-residents are able to purchase Italian lottery coupons?

If you are currently in Italy, eg, on vacation or on a business trip, the answer is simple and straight forward: All, what do you need to do, is to visit the nearest lottery store, where you can purchase unlimited coupons and play the SuperEnalotto Italian lottery.

But what about those, who is currently outside of Italy?

If it happens, that you are a foreigner, but currently not in Italy, basically you have options 2:

First option: You can quickly book your flight to Italy. You can even take a short vacation in Italy. After, how will you arrive in Italy, you could buy SuperEnalotto coupons in any quantity! After, like in Italy, just take a walk to the nearest store, which sells SuperEnalotto coupons. After that you can purchase the required number of lottery coupons, to play the Italian lottery.

Although traveling in Italy sounds very tempting, but that's quite understandable, that this option is not readily available to all foreigners. Fortunately, there is another way, namely;

Second option: Foreigners can purchase coupons for SuperEnalotto online and play the Italian lottery.

There are many services, specializing in buying lottery coupons on behalf of their customers online. it, obviously, includes shopping coupons for SuperEnalotto.

Their representatives are physically present in Italy, this allows them to buy easily SuperEnalotto coupons on behalf of their customers. They are also responsible for collecting winnings and passing them on to their clients.. For, to cover your expenses, related to buying lottery coupons for their clients, they add a small fee to the SuperEnalotto coupon price. Sure, from the point of view of a foreign lottery player, much cheaper and will take less time, than a flight to Italy.

So now, foreign lottery players can play the Italian SuperEnalotto from anywhere in the world. Given that, that their country's legislation allows them to purchase lottery tickets online.

Below are a few links to reliable service providers, who offer the opportunity to purchase lottery coupons on behalf of their customers, to play the Italian SuperEnalotto.

All foreigners, Those wishing to buy SuperEnalotto lottery coupons can play the Italian lottery with PlayHugeLottos, click the banner below:

Also foreigners can play SuperEnalotto, purchasing coupons for the Italian lottery from, click the banner below:

(TheLotter sends scanned copies of purchased lottery tickets to its customers at no additional cost)

Can foreigners participate in the Italian Superena lottery in any other way??

Yes, there is also an alternative way to buy lottery tickets, namely bets on future lottery results, this instead, to buy lottery coupons. All rates are insured by insurance companies, they guarantee to pay all possible winning prizes for their clients.

Foreigners can use this alternative method to, to take part in the SuperEnalotto Italian lottery. One such service is LuckyLottos:

or jackpot

We hope, what does this short article answer the question:Are foreigners able to buy SuperEnalotto coupons in order to, to play the Italian lottery?

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