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Star guests of the "Russian Lotto"

"Russian Lotto" on Russian television has already 25 years old. Starting in 1994 year, the program remains a classic entertainment. Charisma and mustache of the permanent host of the program Mikhail Borisov, have become the hallmark of Russian Lotto. Bag, kegs and lottery tickets – traditional attributes of each lottery draw.

Over the years of the lottery, popular Russian pop artists regularly attended the program with performances and as members of the drawing commission.

IN 1994 Alla Pugacheva appeared in one of the first issues of "Russian Lotto". The program was then broadcast on the RTR TV channel.. On the recording of the program, the Prima Donna in a luxurious outfit in the style and style of the dashing nineties.

Alla Pugacheva helps to get the kegs

Masha Rasputina, 90s pop sex symbol, performed on stage in one of the first programs and, like fire, lit the audience and cheered up.

Russian guys Ivanushki with the prefix International. On air 1997 performed the song "Ring". Now this song has become a popular song at weddings., anniversaries and proms.

Ivanushki International perform on the set of the drawing

Instead of performing on stage, in 1994 year Igor Krutoy and Tatyana Ovsienko took places in the drawing commission. As members of the drawing committee, the artists monitored the observance of the lottery rules.

IN 2005 year Crazy Empress, Irina Allegrova, performed on the stage of "Russian Lotto" so incendiary, which instantly turned the heads of the audience, and the most presenter. The singer's passionate performance and bright appearance graced the release of the program.

Irina Allegrova at the next release of the program

Artists Viktor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova attended the program with a performance in 2016 year. A creative family duet delighted the guests of the drawing and performed a song about love for the guests and spectators of the "Russian Lotto".

Irina Saltykova, popular singer and blonde of Russian pop culture, performed the song "Follow me" for the participants of the 1140th drawing, delighting the winners and encouraging those, who has yet to get lucky.

Irina Saltykova pleases the audience with her performance

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