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Spanish lottery euromillions (5 из 50 + 2 of 12)

Euromillions Syndicate

What is the meaning and benefits of group play (syndicate)? You can increase your chances of winning by buying multiple tickets, on average each 15 from the general circulation - happy. Minimum bet in a lottery game 1 dollars, but if you buy several dozen tickets, it will be expensive and risky, they may not win.

Euromillions Syndicate allows multiple players to make small investments and buy multiple bets. for example 10 participants acquired 100 tickets and one of them took the prize in $1.000.000, then everyone will receive a share in 100 one thousand dollars. If the jackpot comes up, the amount will be significantly greater than t. to. it is at least 15 ml. $. In fact, the prize pot reaches several hundred million, because at the draws, held twice a week, the winning combination of balls is rarely guessed and the main prize goes to the jackpot fund, increasing it to astronomical figures.

Euromillions Syndicate provides an opportunity to receive up to 60 chances in 30 lottery bets without buying that many tickets. The participant simply pays his share of them, depending on the number of shareholders.

Euromillions Syndicate offers a minimum of thirty chances to win on every ticket, every week is done 2 rates. Total provided 250 share parts, if a prize is received, it is divided equally. However, it is not forbidden to purchase several parts, increasing the chances of luck and the size of the reward.

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