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This site issues 6 free tickets to the game every day. The player can play:

  • classic lottery (choose 6 numbers from the matrix 1-54);
  • car lottery (6 numbers from 1 to 42);
  • game to get a gadget (6 numbers from the matrix 1-47);
  • simple lottery (6 numbers from 1 to 33);
  • the "Journey" lottery (6 numbers from 47 possible);
  • super lottery (7 digits from matrix 1-50).

Every day, at the same hour, balls are taken out of the lottery drum and the results of the draw are published. Funding for the lottery comes from advertising funds. It is possible to subscribe and connect an automatic game - the bet will be made automatically without the participation of the player.


The system offers to guess certain words. The player should open all letters in a certain time. Each player rips out the winnings individually before the start of the game. There are VIP tickets, among which the main prize of the lottery is drawn. Minimum jackpot - 100 dollars, it increases monthly.


Here tickets are given for, that the player is watching advertisements from sponsors of the site. Then you are given the opportunity to select a numerical combination of five digits in the range 1-36. The draw is held on Sundays. The money from the winnings can be withdrawn to WebMoney without any problems (Webmoney).


This site has been around for six months, and the number of its players has already exceeded three thousand. Every day four lottery games are drawn here. Each has a chance to get about 1 thousand rubles as a prize. Tickets are issued free of charge, but additional freedom and chances are acquired for real money, which are entered through the Payeer system. You can exchange bonus points for real money, who receive, by following links or defeating other members in rock-paper-scissors.


This site provides an opportunity to take part in the classic lottery game, where to choose 6 numbers from the matrix 1-49. This lottery is provided with 5 free tickets every day. Games like tic-tac-toe and the like are also available.

If you invite your friends there, then you will be awarded a certain number of reward points, which can then be exchanged for a prize.

Every half hour of your stay on the site you are given a "Instant Chance". You can use it within two minutes. Every 60 minutes "Random game" is given. In it you can get a certain number of points.


This lottery game resembles a financial game. Participants receive "prizes" and "silver" as prizes every day. The organizers have created a special gaming exchange, where all this good can be exchanged. The cost of resources is set directly by the participants.

  1. and its second variation "Lucky"


Free lotteries should not be seen as a way to make money online. These projects promise big winnings, but in fact it turns out, that it is difficult to accumulate even the minimum amount for withdrawal. The player wastes time watching ads he doesn't need, but in the end he gets a penny. At the same time, even the accumulated minimum often cannot be withdrawn due to problems on the site or blocking.

Besides, if bloggers or members of the forum are actively inviting you to try your luck on a particular site with free lotteries, tempting with real winnings, then they are just trying to make money on you, as for the next referral brought into the system.

This type of lottery should be considered a fun pastime and nothing more - no claims to win. If you want to participate in a trustworthy lottery with real winnings, it is better to go to the Stoloto website, where you can choose the game of your choice. Especially, that you can play modern lotteries on the Internet online.

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