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How to win the lottery - 5 working methods + examples


For instance, numbers can be selected based on the date of birth. for example, if you were born 14.11.1984 and you need to choose 5 numbers for the lottery "5 out of 36", then in fact you already have 2 ready numbers - 11 and 14.

As 84, and even more so 1984, doesn't suit us, according to the rules of numerology, we can reduce a complex number to a simpler one, adding the numbers in sequence, of which it consists. In our case, we get the number 22 (if desired, you can simplify further: 2+2=4). You now have the third number.

You can select the key digit of the date of birth as the fourth number, which is calculated by converting the full date to a single-digit number (but in our case, we can also consider two-digit numbers): as a result of the summation 8 numbers we get 29; 2+9=11; 1+1=2.

The fifth number can be the ordinal number of the day of the week, when were you born. Since it was Wednesday - accordingly, there will be a number 3.

Thus, if you plan to buy multiple tickets, you can use different combinations of the obtained numbers:

  1. 2, 3, 11, 14, 22;
  2. 3, 4, 11, 14, 29;
  3. 3, 4, 11, 14, 22 and t. d.

Your name can also be converted to numbers. Let's admit, your name is Andrey. If you assign each letter of the alphabet a serial number from 1 to 33, then we get the following values: 1, 15, 5, 18, 6, 11. For the lottery "5 out of 36" you can make any combination of these numbers, except for one of them.

In the case of the alphabet, the disadvantage of this method is that, that you can't get numbers 34, 35 and 36.

Playing the lottery with magic

If desired (and most importantly - if you have faith) you can use certain magic tricks when participating in the lottery. for example, some players use the following methods:

take a talisman with them or wear certain "happy" clothes, when going to buy tickets;
purchase lotteries on a predicted favorable date and a favorable time during that day;
perform some magical ritual before buying tickets or starting a draw;
take into account various folk signs (there are many stories, related, that a bird shits on a person on the street from above, and he, realizing, what is this for money, buys a lottery ticket on the same day and wins a big prize);
turn to magicians for the purpose of conspiracy to raise money;
guess at the outcome of the draw, to select the corresponding numbers.

Considering, that all these actions are individual, and also too varied in their application, we will not analyze each of the above practices - let everyone decide for himself, whether to use them when playing the lottery or not.

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