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The history of the formation of gambling in Finland

Gambling has been flourishing in this country since the reign of the Swedish king.. Then, in the XII century, Finns loved to play the lottery. Slot machines were brought to Finland from Germany at the beginning of the last century, and the first and only land-based casino Grand Casino Helsinki appeared in 1991 year. The second casino is planned to be built in Tampere.

Today the main document, regulating the gambling market in Finland, Is the Lottery Act from 1966 of the year. According to him, all games, where you can get money, treated like a lottery.

Finnish monopoly

The Finnish gambling market is divided by three main players:

  • Fintoto Oy is engaged in horse racing.
  • RAY is in charge of the casino, slot machines and table games (roulette, blackjack, etc.).
  • Oy Veikkaus AB controls lotteries and bets.

Another operator - PAF - is located in the Aland Islands, autonomous Swedish-speaking part of Finland.

These organizations do business under the direction of the Finnish government. All profits, gambling, goes to social projects: sport, art, science and education.

IN 2017 year, the Finnish authorities have united the first three gambling operators, forming a larger gambling monopoly.

Although the European Union has repeatedly demanded free trade for all market participants, the state gambling cartel continues to flourish in Finland.

Foreign operators in the gambling market in Finland

According to Finnish law, foreign online casinos are prohibited. But the mechanism, blocking foreign online casinos, never developed. Thus, Finnish players have open access to gambling sites all over the world.

Game rules in the Finnish gambling market

After reforms, entered into force in 2012 year, Finnish authorities adhere to their monopoly structure, based on opinion, that gambling is an "abnormal economic activity".

Also, the Finnish authorities are trying in every possible way to protect the rights of players: impose restrictions on rates, play time and age. All online casino customers must register in a special Population Information System - PIS, after providing information about the place of residence, enter social security number and age.

To play, clients should:

  • be older 18 years old;
  • have a Finnish bank account;
  • state your social security number in Finland;
  • reside on the mainland.

How to get a gambling license in Finland

The Finnish government is not particularly interested in legalizing international companies. RAY and PAF are the only two organizations, which are allowed by the Finnish authorities to legally run interactive gambling sites.

IN 2010 year the popular game developer Playtech managed to sign a contract, which enabled him to provide his software solutions and gambling products to online casinos operated by RAY.

Since the gambling market in Finland is monopolized and owned by the state, getting a license in this jurisdiction is not so easy. Based on the experience of Playtech, she, to become a gambling operator in Finland, probably, it will be necessary to conduct lengthy negotiations with the authorities and the main pro-government players of the gambling industry.

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