European lotto

Foreign lotteries for Russians: how to buy and play foreign lotteries without cheating + 5 best lotteries

How can you buy a ticket safely?

Due to blocking sites, who help Russian citizens buy tickets to foreign games, resellers periodically have to create new domains, to somehow get out of this situation. Due to frequent changes of domain names, many users do not always recognize a familiar site.

Recently, scammers have begun to use this., who pass off their sites as intermediary, and just "cheat" people for money, never sold them any tickets. fraudulent manipulations cause only negative among ordinary users and discourage any desire to play European lotteries.

There is actually an easy way to tell a dishonest middleman from an honest one.. For this you need to know, that there are two types of such sites: "Transparent" and "hidden". Now more about, What is the difference:

Choosing an intermediary site, be sure to pay attention to that, how much information the organization provides about its work. Besides, do not forget to read the reviews of other users about, what impression did this or that site leave

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