European lotteries in Russia reviews

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Agentlotto - intermediary, time-tested

Many players, who bought tickets through this site, speak well of him.

Agentlotto provides its customers with all the necessary information before making a purchase and sends a scanned copy of the purchased ticket to the mail and to the personal account on the website. In case of winning, the intermediary transfers the entire amount to the account in the personal account, which can then be removed from the site without any problems.

To take part in the selected lottery (by the way, with Agentlotto you can take part in any other lottery in the world), you need to do the following:

  • Register on the site;
  • Select the desired lottery from the general list, ticket and a combination of numbers in it;
  • Refill your account in your account and pay for the purchase.

After purchasing a ticket, you will receive a scanned copy of it. Then it remains to wait for the circulation and hope, that your combination of numbers will be winning.

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