European and American lotteries

The best foreign lotteries for Russians in 2020 - how to play online and without cheating?

We start acquaintance with a new source of income

2. Take a look around. The official Lotto Agent website has 20 US government lotteries, Italy, Spain, Australia, Of Canada, Germany, France, UK and Brazil. These are the best lotteries, that only the world can offer you today.

Of course, your eyes run wild, and you don't know, which game to give preference. We have prepared some tips for you:

  • Watch out for clover. The site has a lottery ranking system, and the better any game for a number of parameters, the higher its rating. Points are indicated in the clover leaf opposite each lottery in the table. And the table is in the "Play" section.
  • Check the number of prize tiers. The prize category is the amount, which you will be paid for a certain number of balls matched. The more such categories, the higher the chance of getting at least some prize. As they say, "Better tit in hand, than a pie in the sky ". The largest number of "prize places" in the pan-European lotteries EuroMillions and EuroJackpot.
  • Start simple. The simplest lottery is that, in which you have to guess 6 numbers from 49, and even better - from 45. These lotteries have fewer prize categories, but the chances of hitting the Jackpot are higher. Here is your choice: Easy, Saturday Lotto, Oz Lotto and other baby lotteries.
  • Play for high stakes at least once. Even if you are far from the lottery world, you have probably heard of the record Powerball Jackpot, which was played in January 2016 of the year. It was $ 1.5 billion and was divided among three winners. If you want to touch the great, MEGA Millions at your disposal, Powerball, SuperEnalotto is, of course, "Queen of all lotteries", Spanish game Loteria Nacional!

3. Ask the price. Playing state lotteries "with home delivery" is an inexpensive pleasure. A bet with one field in the ticket costs from a couple of dollars. However, you can get additional discounts and bonuses for yourself.. for example, the second ticket after the first game will be free for you, and on holidays Lotto Agent sends out codes with huge discounts.

4. Play. It's easy to place a bet, just, two, three. Go to the lottery page, which you liked, select the number of fields in the ticket (1 field = 1 a chance to hit the Jackpot or other prize) and in each field mark the required number of numbers. Little clues on the side will help you get confused. You can pay for the ticket in different ways: using an electronic wallet, from bank account, by card. Paying by card is the most profitable, because you will not give extra money as a commission.

5. Join a syndicate!

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