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Examples of cheating schemes

As more and more people become aware of lottery scams, criminals are becoming more sophisticated. Below is a list of examples of fraud:

Second Chance / Raffle

Usually this method is used, when the jackpot is transferred. Criminals claim, that you have received a “second chance” and won the EuroMillions prize. Remember, that the EuroMillions lottery does not hold any additional second chance draw. Unclaimed prizes are always returned to the total prize pool, or a special charity lottery fund.

Facebook Lottery

This method is usually aimed at users of social networks such as "Facebook", and the scammers are trying to convince the victim that, that her online profile won the prize.

Lottery Winner Fund

Some scammers, to obtain personal information from the alleged victim, represented on behalf of charitable foundations, created by famous lottery winners. According to the criminals, real winners of the jackpot are willing to donate a certain amount of topics, less fortunate.

Lottery from the email service. mail

Some users also get hit by scammers, whose email addresses. mail allegedly became the winner of the drawing, conducted by the email service.

You can see an example of a letter from scammers on the page "Example of fraud disguised as the EuroMillions lottery".

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