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Draw deadlines

Since EuroMillions is a pan-European lottery, the draw takes place at different times due to different time zones on the continent. Draws are held in Paris in 21:00 (SET), therefore, for players from some other participating countries, the deadline is, to which you need to participate, comes earlier.

Below is a list of the different deadlines for purchasing EuroMillions tickets:

Country Draw deadlines
Ireland, Portugal, Great Britain 19:30 (tuesday and friday)
Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland 20:30 (tuesday and friday)

Pay attention, what if you play with a lottery concierge service, deadline for participation, usually, will be a few hours before the actual draw deadline

Biggest EuroMillions Jackpots

Even so, if the EuroMillions Super Draw does not play a special prize pool on the appointed date, he is able to subsequently form one of the largest jackpots in the history of the lottery. for example, in the last Superdraw, which was held 1 february 2019 of the year, the special jackpot has reached the amount 175 million euros, which was eventually won by an Irish family after a series of rollovers over five draws.

In the absence of winners during a long series of draws, the jackpot can grow to 190 million euros, after which its size will be fixed according to the Euromillion rules established by the lottery founders. Throughout the history of the drawing, EuroMillions top prize hit the max level three times, but with 2017 this year did not happen again.

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