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Joker history

Lotto and Joker have been together since 1978 Veikkaus' game selection and Jokeri started at that time as a six-figure game. Of the year 1982 at the beginning, a seventh digit was added to the numbers. Of the year 1983 the reforms were the introduction of the last two issues of the profit class, before that, the first two numbers in the Joker Game had been in use.

1980- and 1990 In the 19th century, the price of the game and the size of the main win rose on a couple of occasions, but the main profit remained fixed. Perhaps the biggest change in the game came in 1999, in which case the profit amounts were changed to variable. In the same reforms, the player was given the opportunity to choose the wildcard numbers themselves, until then, those numbers were on the coupons ready or the machine would draw them.

2000-century three weekly draws

2006 at the beginning of the year, the traditional Saturday Joker was changed to the Saturday Joker. This anticipates a change in the number and round of Joker Games 17/2006 the Wednesday Joker was launched alongside the Viking Lotto. The Friday Joker, on the other hand, started the year 2012 in the first half of the year when the Eurojackpot game was started to be played in Finland. Eurojackpot Joker is therefore the latest version of the Joker game and all these Joker games are played in the same way.

In 2009 The joker was revolutionized again when a one-way joker was made two-way. The purpose of the game changed and the first draw for the new Joker was in early November 2009. At the same time, Joker's return percentage was also raised 40 percent 53 percent.

The latest reform in the Joker was seen in a year 2015 in June, in which case the profit classes were again defined as fixed and the Joker was made voluntary, a pay-as-you-go feature that, when hit, guarantees a double win. It is enough to win when the right number of numbers hits the right place.

Joker is a popular product and appears in several different games. Mm. Joker Poker is a popular game on Veikkaus' online casino service. Joker has grown in popularity all the time, and innovations have been aimed at developing Joker into a more player-friendly game..

The biggest Joker wins in Finland

The Joker has brought several millionaires to Finland, but the biggest joker pot to date has been won in a year 2012 round 52. At that time I went to Alajärvi 5 million euros. A pot of the same size was also won for a year 2014 round 38, when the winner was found in Kouvola. The third largest pot has been won in Rovaniemi, 3 million euros. This happened a year ago 2012 round 35. In 2001 2 million was won in Kuusamo, 2012 the pots of two million euros hit Eura and Oulais.

2 The main profits of EUR 1 million are for the year 2016 come 28 / 2016 To Oulu, 7 /2017 To Lappeenranta, 11 / 2017 To theft, 13 / 2017 Nivalaan, 33 / 2017 To Joensuu and 12 / 2018 Nivalaan. Will you hit next?

The joker results should be checked at the same time with the correct lottery numbers, you may be a Joker Millionaire! Lottery and wildcard broadcasting has long been one of the most popular television programs, after all, a lot of money is distributed!

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