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Joker Game - How to win in a Joker game?

In the Joker, game modes are offered in addition to the basic game. There are three joker games themselves, Wednesday-Joker, Friday Joker and Saturday Joker. All Joker games can be played in Lotto, In connection with a Eurojackpot game or a Vikinglotto game. You can also play the game with your own coupon. Playing one game line costs two euros.

The player can save their own favorite lines to their own game account and these lines can be brought to the game coupon when playing. The easiest way to play the Joker is to dial the number drawn by the system, but of course you can choose your own numbers for the game coupon.

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Game time and wild lottery

The playing times of the three different Joker Draws vary, as well as the times of the Joker Draws:

Wednesday-Joker's game time ends on Wednesdays at 19 and the Joker lottery result will be presented at the Viking Lottery lottery on the same day at 22:25. Playing for the next round opens 22:30.

Friday Joker's playing time ends on Fridays at 20:00 and Joker lottery result is shown in the context of the Euro jackpot lottery results after midnight. New lines in the Friday Joker can be inserted on Saturday 01:00 after.

Saturday-Joker's game time ends on Saturdays at 22:00 and the lottery result is presented in the same broadcast as the Lottery lottery results. The results shown on MTV3 are on the air 22:25 from. The next round of lines can be put in a clock 22:30 from.

This is how doubling the Joker works:

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