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It just so happened, that the most winning lotteries are held abroad. Almost every month, the world is pierced by the news of a broken multi-million dollar jackpot, and almost always it is about winning top American and European lotteries.. The thing is, that people from all over the world play these lotteries, thanks to which a huge prize pool is quickly recruited, that and the minimum established jackpot starts with higher amounts, and intermediate prizes are more generous.

Today anyone can participate in a foreign lottery, there is no need to be in the host country for this. This became possible thanks to the LottoAgent service. During their existence, they paid the winners more than 40 million dollars, which earned an impeccable reputation and many positive reviews (4.7 of 5 according to TrustPilot).

It's very easy to play through the service, everything needs to be done 4 step:

  1. Go to LottoAgent website, select the desired lottery and issue a ticket.
  2. Check the scan. You will see a scanned ticket in your account before the start of the drawing.
  3. Get a prize. The winnings will go to your account on the website. LottoAgent will notify you about this!
  4. Withdraw money. Withdraw your winnings in a convenient way: to a card or electronic wallet.

You can choose a lottery on the LottoAgent website or fill out the tickets below directly on our website.


This is the famous American lottery, known since 1996 of the year. Megamillions jackpot often exceeds 600 million. dollars, and most importantly, it is won often enough. According to the official statistics of the order 50% all the money, proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets, Megamillions return to their players in the form of winnings.

Many examples are known, when the lucky ones managed to win, and what is important, get huge money in Mega Millions. The biggest jackpot was 659 million


This is a real lottery ticket. Take a step towards your million, by filling it in and clicking the "Select numbers" button:


This is another American lottery, whose honesty is time-tested. The first Powerball draw took place back in 1988 year. Winning the jackpot almost always becomes a worldwide sensation. Not so long ago in 2016 three lucky ones were lucky to win the biggest Powerball jackpot in the history of mankind, exceeding 1,5 billion. dollars.

Lottery organizers always pay prizes to their players. In case of a big win, you can take it 30 equal annual payments, or by one check, but with 60% commission.

Four-leaf clover is very rare. But suddenly you're lucky?


Euromillions, perhaps, most won lottery, launched in 2004 year. UK residents have won record jackpots in it., Ireland, France, Belgium, Switzerland and many others.

The honesty of the lottery is beyond doubt. Firstly, this is indicated by a huge number of winners, and secondly, lottery organizers distribute the lottery budget according to a strict plan. 50% all the money goes to the winners, 28% for charity, and the rest to cover the state fee (12%) and remuneration for organizers and lottery agents.

EuroMillions is the most popular lottery in Europe, for which tickets are still queued. You don't even need to leave the house - try your hand, filling out a ticket online:


Superenaloto - Italian lottery, known since 1997 of the year, and if you go a little deeper into history, then we can say that lotto exists with 1950 of the year, just before the rebranding it was called Enalotto. This gambling experience says a lot about honesty..

Besides, jackpots of this lottery are among the largest in the world. The largest was € 177.8 million. and was won in 2010 year.

Choose your lucky numbers now:


EuroJackpot - international European lottery, first launched in March 2012 of the year. Despite the relatively young age, the lottery already has adherents around the world and has proven itself to be the best. The thing is, that the rally system is arranged in such a way, so that the jackpot finds its lucky one much more often, than the popular EuroMillions.

On the lottery account 36 paid jackpots in the amount of 10 to 90 million euros.

Define your lucky numbers and click "Select numbers", to issue this lottery ticket:

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