Honest lottery in russia reviews

Top 5 most honest lotteries in russia

So is it possible to win the coveted million?

In the case of an honest lottery, you can. But the chance is very small.

Let's admit, was printed 10 million tickets for 100 rub. with a prize fund 500 million. Hence, treasured millionth tickets will not be many - no more 10 pieces. Hence, the chance to pull out the "goldfish" will be equal 0,0001 %. Agree, not a lot. Tickets with winning 100 000 rub. there will be more, but not by much. Let's admit, 100 tickets. The chance to pull out such a ticket is higher - 0,001 %. Agree, a little too. The smaller the win,, the more tickets will contain it. And there will be empty tickets 50%.

So the chance of getting a large amount is extremely small.. And in cases of an unscrupulous operator, there may be no. And the number of empty tickets for such an operator can significantly exceed 50 %. And no one will know about it. In this case, the costs may exceed the costs by 2–3 or more times.

A bit of history

The desire to get easy money has driven people from time immemorial. People have always considered the lottery to be one of the easy ways to get money..

The earliest mentions of lotteries are found in ancient Rome and China. These lotteries were organized at the state level and served to replenish the treasury.

Moscow watchmaker Gassinus held an official lottery in Russia for the first time. It was in the 18th century. IN 1782 year he received official permission to host this type of games. After the October Revolution, lotteries were classified as bourgeois vestiges and prohibited.. Nevertheless, already in 1921 year they were legalized again.

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