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Is it possible to participate in the Australian lotto

Before, than buying a ticket to any of the Australian lotteries, need to find out, how do they differ from other foreign games, and why Russian players should take part in them.

# 1 Big Jackpots

Earlier, Australian lotto winnings did not exceed 10.000.000 Australian dollars, but everything changed in 2007 year. Then for the first time it was played 33 million. Most major Australian lottery jackpots today start at 1.000.000 Australian dollars.

# 2 High probability of winning

The odds of winning Australian lotteries are 1 to 34 million. The best conditions are offered by games Mon & Wed Lotto и Saturday Lotto, players who get a chance to win 1 to 8 million. To make it clearer, why is it really an advantage, look at the American Powerball. The probability of winning in this lottery is only 1 to 300 million.

# 3 No taxes

Australian lottery prizes are tax deductible

It doesn't matter, how much the player gets. This is a really important feature., because in many other foreign lotteries you have to pay tax, which will be from 20 to 45 % from your winnings

# 4 Draws are constantly held

If you would like to play the Australian lottery, you don't have to wait long, because the draws take place almost every day, except Friday and Sunday. On Monday and Wednesday you can take part in Mon & Wed Lotto, Tuesday is Oz Lotto Day, the famous PowerBall Australia takes place on Thursdays, and Saturday Lotto draws are held on Saturday.

No. 5 Rules

If you have ever taken part in foreign lotteries, you can easily understand the rules of the Australian games. This is another important nuance., which raises the popularity of Australia's lotteries to the level of famous European and American games.

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