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Australia Special Lottery Draws

In addition to regular draws, The Australian National Lottery also hosts Super Special Occasion Lottery Draws throughout the year! These special raffles offer increased jackpots and increased secondary prizes at no additional cost to players. Find out all about exciting special raffles, in which you can take part, playing on monday, Wednesday and Saturday!

"Saturday Lotto" super draw

Special Super Draws are held in Australia seven times a year. «Superdraws». The starting guaranteed jackpot is about 20 million. Australian dollars makes them extremely popular.

Don't miss the next! Buy your Saturday Superdraw tickets now, to guarantee your participation in the upcoming draw.

Megadraw is held once a year with an even bigger prize pool. "Megadraw" takes place during the Christmas period / New Year and offers an incredible jackpot of 30 million Australian dollars!

Typically, in the Saturday Lottery and Megadrow Superdraws, jackpots are split into a large number of winning tickets. According to statistics, each Superdraw has about 14 winners. Most winners, ever claiming the Megadraw jackpot, was 54. They split the jackpot at 31 million. Australian dollars to 2004 year. Fewest winners were 12 and they split the jackpot at 30 million. Australian dollars to 2013 year.

«Monday & Wednesday Lotto "- special draws

Fortunately for the players, on certain dates there are also special draws "Cashcade"! This holiday giveaway gives winners of all prize divisions the opportunity to claim additional side prizes. If the jackpot is rolled over during Cashcade promotions, the top prize will be automatically shifted and distributed among the winners of the 2nd-6 divisions. Winners will receive more than just the standard division prize, but also a part of the jackpot of the drawing in the amount of 1 million. Australian dollars!

Here's how the prize pool is 1 million. Australian dollars will be distributed among the prize divisions:

Division Percent
Division 1 4.2%
Division 2 6.5%
Division 3 18.5%
Division 4 26.3%
Division 5 44.5%

«Monday & Wednesday Lotto "- double your winnings

Raffle Double Winnings - Double the Fun for Australian Lottery Fans! This special draw will automatically double any winnings from any secondary prizes during the promotion period. Double wins also occur on special occasions throughout the year, so stay tuned, for a chance to double your money!

Top Australian Lottery Winners

The likelihood of winning the lottery one day may seem too fantastic, but for a few lucky Australians even that was not enough, and so they won twice!

In February 2015 year there was a message about a group of accomplices, who managed to win two separate dividend prize worth 866 108 US dollars, taking the combined winnings of more than 1,7 million dollars or 157 474 US dollars, in the case of their separation between each of 11 group members.

Not a bad result, especially considering, that the second ticket was actually bought by accident – the informal leader of their group actually intended to buy tickets for two separate draws.

IN 2013 there were three such incidents: one person from Brisbane and two people from Melbourne managed to defy fate, by winning the Saturday lotto twice. A man from Brisbane played his regular numbers after buying a ticket, but then I forgot, whether he did it or not, and so returned to the game again. The result was two wins totaling 820 000 dollars – Total 1,64 million dollars!

Melbourne woman wins two jackpots in Saturday lotto, earning $ 835,149.68.

In April 2013 year in the newspapers appeared the headlines of one person from Melbourne, who won the lotto twice in six weeks. The first win allowed him to help pay off the mortgage, and he allocated the second one to renovate the house – in total he won 1,2 million dollars.

IN 2008 another man from Victoria, who wished to remain anonymous, managed to achieve impossible lotto win three times in a row!

Finally, we come to a heartbreaking story about a man, which is, perhaps, lucky man in Australian lottery history.

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