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Green Card Lottery Rules

First of all, to participate in the drawing of an American residence permit, you need to understand the requirements for participants in the Green Card lottery. They are quite loyal, by the way. To participate, you must have a complete secondary education, fill out a form with biographical data, attach to the application a photo of yourself and all family members - spouse or spouse, children under 21 of the year.

Also, the applicant should not
have a criminal record, suffer from socially dangerous diseases, be a violator
past immigration laws of the United States of America.

But the most important rule
- natives of those countries cannot participate in the drawing of green cards, of
which has very high immigration to the United States. Currently the program
not available for natives of Brazil, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico,
El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Jamaica, Haiti, Of Canada, Great Britain,
Republic of Korea, China, Pakistan, Philippines.

It should be noted, that participation in the drawing is not available specifically for natives, not citizens of the listed states. I.e, if you were born in Russia, do you have Canadian citizenship, you can participate in the Green Card. But if you are a native of China with French citizenship, then you are still not eligible to participate in the Green Card.

New lottery rules
Green Card was introduced by the US Department of State in June 2019 years since
the purpose of security from numerous fraudulent applications. Now it is necessary
provide also passport data of the country, a citizen of which
applicant, expecting a green card.

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