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The lucky guy who recently won half a billion

We decided to start with a bright example., to warm up your interest in the material a little.

So here, a few months ago, for our holiday of the Defender of the Fatherland-2017, a certain American citizen took and made himself his personal holiday - the day of the multimillionaire.

And the best thing is that the winner did not have to share this super-duper win with anyone.. And then after all, usually, playing the American lottery and winning huge amounts of money means sharing the jackpot with two or three more lucky ones. Many times I had to observe, how multiple winners get big wins at once.

This year's win turned out to be an exception and became an incentive for buying American lottery tickets not only among US residents, but also gamblers from other countries.

Jackpot winners 2016

Below the big winners of all lotteries in the United States of America:

  • December 17, 2016 Cash $121,600,000.00 annuity ($72,145,291.83 cash)
  • Tennessee: November 26, 2016 Cash $420,900,000.00 annuity ($254,652,358.97 cash)
  • William and Heather ten Broeke, Georgia, September 17, 2016 Cash $246,800,000.00 annuity
  • Robin Egg 2016 Nominee Trust, New Hampshire, July 30, 2016 Cash $487,000,000.00 annuity
  • Smith Family Lottery Pool, New Jersey, May 7, 2016 Cash $429,600,000.00 annuity ($284,097,219.71 cash )
  • James Stocklas, Florida, March 2, 2016 Cash $291,400,000.00 annuity ($191,470,307.58 cash)
  • Marvin and Mae Acosta, California, January 13, 2016 Cash $1,586,400,000.00 annuity (split)
  • The Nickel 95 Trust, Florida, January 13, 2016 Cash $1,586,400,000.00 annuity (split)
  • Lisa and John Robinson, Tennessee, January 13, 2016 Cash $1,586,400,000.00 annuity (split)
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