American lottery in Belarus

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Megamillions lottery (megamillions)

American lottery in Belarus

The famous American lottery Megamillions (Megamillions) was established in 1996 year. true, at first it was called "the big game". Draws were only on Fridays. Lottery, although it covered several states, has not yet spread throughout the United States of America. Over time, the lottery has developed and expanded, there was another print run on Tuesdays. Eventually, in 2002 year Megamillions appeared.

There are two types of lottery balls used in the Megamillions lottery. You must choose five numbers out of fifty six (so called white balls) and one additional number of forty-six (ball of golden color). This ball is selected separately and therefore can coincide with the main balls already dropped. Naturally, for the main prize you need to match all six numbers.

The probability of hitting the jackpot is 1 to 175 711 536. About that, how to calculate the chance of winning any lottery, read the article lottery probabilities.

Megamillions lottery is known for its huge jackpots, which sometimes exceeds 600 million dollars. For more information on the biggest jackpots, see the article Biggest Lottery Winnings.

Same as Powerball lottery, the winner in Megamillions can either take the winnings immediately, but then the amount received will be significantly less, or extend the receipt of the amount for twenty six years. Still need to consider, that the USA has the highest lottery taxes, and much depends on the state, bought a ticket.

Megamillions lottery draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays, in 23:00 EST on WSB-TV Atlanta, state of Georgia, USA.

In Megamillions lotto there are only 9 prize categories:

Guessed balls



2 dollar

1 number + mega

3 dollar

2 numbers + mega

10 dollars

3 numbers

7 dollars

3 numbers + mega

150 dollars

4 numbers

150 dollars

4 numbers + mega

10 000 dollars

5 numbers

250 000 dollars

5 numbers + mega


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