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How to take part in international lotteries

Option one: Most European and American lotteries' prize amounts are impressive, even being at the initial mark in 15 million euros in the case of EuroMillions, or 40 million. dollars in the American Powerball lottery. One can only imagine the hype around the draws, when the prize pool reaches hundreds of millions, as has often happened in the past. In this case, you can go to the country, where lottery tickets are sold, choose your lucky numbers and wait for the results of the draw. If you're lucky, you need to come to the lottery kiosk, Where, depending on the amount of the win, the prize will either be given out immediately, either sent to the lottery headquarters, where, after the ticket is authenticated, the winner will receive a check. Worth remembering, that some lottery winnings are tax deductible. For instance, in the United States, federal tax and, in some cases, state tax as high as 35-50%, in Spain-6%, starting from the amount in 2500 euros, but in Australia and Great Britain the winner gets the whole prize. If the winner is not a resident of the country, in which the ticket was purchased, there is a possibility of additional taxation at the place of residence.

Option two: Play your favorite international online lottery for money. Over the past few years, many services have appeared, offering intermediary services in the purchase of tickets for any world lottery, freeing the player from the need to attend the purchase. The principle of their work is quite simple.: participants choose their favorite lottery on the site, indicate numbers online and pay for the ticket, which must subsequently be purchased by one of the company's employees from the official ticket distributor in the country of the lottery, and then the winnings are transferred to the participant's account. Unfortunately, most of these intermediaries are rarely able to provide evidence that, that the ticket was actually purchased, and as a consequence, that the winnings will be paid. But there are several sites, where the fact of buying a ticket leaves no doubt, because immediately after payment for participation online, the player receives an automatic confirmation email, full access to bet data and even the ability to contemplate a ticket with personally selected numbers. Last service, in particular, Exclusively presented on the site for selling online lottery for money Lotto Online, where each member's ticket is scanned and uploaded to the account as additional proof of purchase, as well as the legal basis for claiming the right to win.

Below you can find out about, how generous lottery luck can be.

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