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Lotteries are widespread in Russia. This is primarily due to the fact, that the prize pools are impressive enough, respectively, and the chances of winning a considerable sum of money are high. Lotteries in Russia have already become a family tradition. A couple of decades ago, whole families gathered at TV screens and with bated breath awaited the results of the drawing. It should be noted, that the statistics of victories in lottery games in the Russian Federation is quite high, therefore, the demand for tickets is growing relentlessly.

An interesting fact in the history of lottery games is that, that during the Soviet Union, it was lotteries that significantly contributed to the development of the economy and the construction of strategically important facilities for the country. The financial support of the "Olympics 80" completely fell on the shoulders of "Sportloto", which at that time was positioned as a folk game. In the USSR, lottery games were the only legal gambling game, therefore, buying lottery tickets occupied a separate niche in the family budget on an ongoing basis. Even in the most economically difficult times, the Russians did not give up hope and continued to play lotto. And won!

Gosloto tops the list of the most popular winning lotteries in Russia, Russian Lotto and "Golden Key". Gosloto exists in the Russian Federation since 2008 of the year. The qualitative distinguishing feature of this game is that, that the lion's share of the prize fund is invested in construction projects of various sizes. Funding for sports development programs also plays an important role

Thus, Gosloto not only gives the country's citizens a chance to improve their well-being, but also acts as a sponsor in the implementation of projects of national importance. Russian loto stands out among other analogues for its focus on the mainstream of family games

Initially, this game was positioned as a home lottery. Lottery "Golden Key" provides an opportunity for Russians not only to get rich, but also to receive living space as a gift. In this lottery game, out of three tickets, one is the winning, which significantly stimulates the interest of players in this lottery. In addition to the above lotteries, there are many other similar games in the Russian Federation, which have a number of features and advantages.

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