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Icelotto is powered by Lottoyard’s online lottery ticket carrier platform. This platform, while not polished, offer a varied set of features and product types and icelotto makes use of most of them. They offer far more than the online lotto industry’s standard and really stand out on this review aspect with very few competitors scoring higher. Any lottery player will find a product to match his needs and wants, from those coming for the first time and want to try out to those who have been playing for years and playing big.


The basic lottery product. It’s one lottery line to the name of the player. Any prize this lines entitled for, is credited to the player’s account. There might be fees or tax to pay, depending on player’s country of origin. This is were the carrier service is used, there’s a person going to a kiosk at the lottery’s country of origin and completes a purchase. Other than providing the service of purchasing a ticket local for global users, there’s no other benefit.


Group is a pool of 50 different single lottery lines of one lottery. As there are 50 lines, the odds of the group to win a jackpot is x50. To buy into a group, a player has to buy a share. Each group is split to 150 shares. Whatever the group wins is divided between shareholders, meaning the more shares a player holds the bigger his prize. This product has a high chance of winning and a relatively low buy in, but it comes at a price of having to share the prize with other shareholders. This product is where online carriers really bring an added value, they manage a product that otherwise would have been complicate to create – 150 people joining efforts to purchase 50 tickets.


Buy once play multiple times. By completing one purchase, a player can buy a mixture of products, personal line and group share, of different lotteries and different draws. Some of the products cover draws three months ahead. Some of the products are only available through customer support. Some products can get weird and one should check from time to time a bundle is priced fairly as they can seem more attractive than really are. Bundles are a great example of the global service icelotto provides, with one transaction, a player can “locally” buy tickets from three continents.


For those who settle for nothing less than nine figure wins. You participate weekly on the lottery with the highest jackpot. It’s a shot and forget strategy. You can buy up to 100 auto picked lines of only the highest weekly jackpot. This promises you always participate in the lottery with the highest top tier prize.

icelotto offer four different product types, each one has it’s own benefits, and together they cover almost every player need. Not all is perfect, product description is missing on some occasions. Pricing can get a little complicated for comparison, it’s hard to tell if a bundle is priced to save a player money or just look like it.


Players switch between devices many times throughout the day – mobile, tablet, office PC, and home PC are a standard for many. The services that not only supports, but cracks user needs and usage, platforms wins! Users make use of these devices on different times of day, and on different locations. A good service to users would be to tailor the user’s experience to the platform he’s using.


site is outdated at a width of 980px, it’s most likely to meet needs of a variety of desktop users, but in contrast to current design guidelines. Definitely room for improvement with a smarter responsive design. There are some bugs and scripting failing to load issues, but nothing critical. Just a matter of not paying attention.


Served with the desktop view tablet has a very poor experience – page doesn’t fit the width of the iPad the site was reviewed on, and some elements were broken. This is definitely something Icelotto should handle ASAP. Since this is the desktop version, there’s no support for gestures where it is acceptable to use theme. This is leading to a confusing UI. Picking numbers for a lottery line is terrible, their clickable area is just too small.


For mobile devices Icelotto offer a dedicated view with limited functionality. Features that were excluded from the mobile version are those who might not be as useful on the go as those who were included. Overall experience is decent, but there is a lot of room to grow on this aspect. Clicking on a BUY TICKETS button could redirect to a group product page or a personal line product page, you just can’t tell until you’re being redirected. Main menu is amateurish at best. The interesting products of bundles and jackpot hunter are far at the bottom and it’s a shame.


On an impressive effort, Icelotto came to market on January 2016 with a very appealing app for both iOS and Android. iOS app is available for download on the apple’s App store, and the Android version is available through direct download from Icelotto as Google doesn’t allow gambling apps on its Play store. There’s a missed opportunity as the apps are not promoted on the mobile view of the site and there’s a poor landing page, with many errors and mistakes, for downloading the Android installation file. The app allows for a stream of updates through push notifications, this is helpful for avid players.

One one hand, icelotto released a nice app for iOS and Android, but on the other, the overall web experience is lacking. There was no though put into tablet view, and that’s a shame. Mobile has a more tailored experience, but limited functionality and unimaginative UI damage the flow. They’ll have to put the same effort to the web design as they did with the app.


Players are used to getting an extra boost from gaming operators. Promotions are a tool of acquisition, and the more attractive, the more new players they will draw in. It’s important not to relay on this aspect exclusively, as it is of low importance on the long run.


Icelotto rewards multi-draw purchases with a tiered by number for draws discount.

  • 2 draws 2% off
  • 4 draws 5% off
  • 8 draws 15% off
  • 26 draws 22% off
  • 52 draws 25% off


4% off on a constantly renewing purchase charged every 2 weeks, or 15% off if charged every 4 weeks. Be careful with this one, Icelotto will keep charging unless asked otherwise.


There’s a free lottery line with the first purchase with Icelotto. In addition to the free ticket, there’s a 100% bonus on the first purchase with no found cap.


Loyalty program is not as straightforward as should. It starts simple as for each €1 spent 1 VIP point is awarded. The more VIP point you’ll get, you’ll level up to higher tiers. Each VIP tier has a dedicated offer, that is not self explanatory.

  • Bronze Level (1000-8999 Points) – Enjoy 5% Cash Back in Bonus Money
  • Silver Level (9000-29999) – Enjoy 10% Cash Back in Bonus Money + 1% additional discount on your purchase
  • Gold Level (30000-99999 Points) – Enjoy 15% Cash Back in Bonus Money + 2% additional discount on your purchase
  • Platinum Level (100000+ Points) – Enjoy 20% Cash Back in Bonus Money + 3% additional discount on your purchase

icelotto reward players for the expected actions – first purchase, loyalty, purchase for future draws (multi-draw). This is were lottery carriers fall short behind other gaming operators. Hopefully we’ll see better bonus engines on lottery platforms so players would enjoy a bigger variety of bonuses and rewards. icelotto score well on this as they make full use of the platform’s tool set.

Как IceLotto «кидает» людей

По красивому описанию сайта хочется сделать вывод: играй и получай выигрыш. Но реально ли это на самом деле? Если почитать отзывы реальных людей, то мысли приходят совсем другие. На что только не идут мошенники. Рассмотрим самые явные виды мошенничества на данном ресурсе и приведем примеры тех, кто уже пострадал от «лап» аферистов.

Уже в самом начале регистрации стоит обратить внимание на то, что в месте, где вы указываете банковскую карту, вас попросят указать срок действия карты и CVV. Это уже должно вас натолкнуть на то, что это развод.  Эти данные нельзя передавать третьему лицу

Но многие игроки, по своей глупости указывают эти цифры. И что в итоге? С их счета списывают деньги.  Вот отзыв человека, который потерял не много ни мало, аж 500 евро. Но самое интересное то, что менеджеры Айслотто пытаются в этом обвинить вас. 

Кроме того, что на связь сотрудники лото не выходят, они не дают возможность игрокам отвязать свою карту и удалить учетную запись. 

Мошенники работают по всему миру. Мы приведем вам в примеры отзывы людей из других стран (скрины отзыва переведены переводчиком). Один из комментариев оставил пенсионер инвалид, которого мошенники одурили так, что он влез в кредиты. 

Интересно то, что на звонки и письма, агенты Айслотто не выходят. Но как только появляются отзывы на других сайтах, агенты сразу дают ответы. При чем они настолько нелогичные и абсурдные. 

Ответ от агентов:

Когда вы зарегистрировались на сайте вам могут позвонить из Европы чтобы  предложить приобрести билет на определенную лотерею. Даже если вы скажите «нет», с вашего счета будут списаны деньги, а на ваши жалобы ответят, что вы согласились на покупку билета и тут уже никак не докажешь обратного.

SMARTGUIDE предупреждает, что на отзовиках можно найти и положительные отзывы о компании, но их пишут сами разработчики, дабы привлечь игроков на свой сервер. 

Некоторым, более настойчивым людям, удалось вернуть свои деньги. но для этого пришлось обращаться в банк. Если вы сотрудничаете с ответственным банком, они могут посудиться с Icelotto и вернут вам ваши деньги. Но, к сожалению, не многие люди действуют так радикально.

Существует еще одна схема, которой пользуется мошенники – звонки. Как сообщает Видземское региональное управление, аферисты звонят будущим жертвам и представляются Айслото. Они предлагают приобрести билеты, обещающие крупный выигрыш. Если жертва дает нужную аферистам информацию (ФИО, банковские данные), те, в свою очередь, списывают деньги с вашего счета. 

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